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 Extreme Leisure Travel and Tours is a travel agency run by young, hard-working, very innovative and mature Entreprenuers. We started operating in the year 2013, Extreme Leisure comprised of 5-6 staff members , the agency seeks to entrench itself as a force to be reckoned in the very wide market of tourism. Our unique aspect will mainly focus on encouraging the common Mwananchi on the need to get to not only know about this beautiful country, but also to discover affordable places to tour. Welcome aboard... come and make memories, make profound friendships and have an adventure that will leave you spell-bound.


  • To be approachable and professional always.
  • To be enthusiastic and ready to give, receive, advice or get constructive criticism.


  • To be a reputable agency and be a leader in marketing Kenya as the safest and best place to tour.


  • To create memories, friendships and adventure.


Kenya Mountain Climbing
Tanzania Mountain Climbing
Uganda Safaris
University of Nairobi